Customized application development for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and the Web.

List of services offered by our Filemaker Pro developer (s):

  •  CRM Solutions
  •  Point of sale
  •  Small business inventory tracking
  •  Database developments
  •  Production Management Solutions
  •  Order and invoicing solutions
  •  Timetables
  •  Barcode reading Stock and Inventory management
  •  Medical data management
  •  Online surveys
  •  Google map integration
  • Mobile solutions with ability of syncing when connection is available


  Any spreadsheet based business management systems can be easily transformed to a professionally designed paperless business by employing Filemaker, one of the leading platforms in the industry.

  Our Filemaker Pro developer (s) will offer you solutions which are built based on your business character in the most efficient, user friendly and cost effective way.

  We can start from scratch and make an easy transition for your business from traditional environment into a designed-for-you solution. We can help you with modifying your existing Filemaker solution(s) whether you need a small fix or require us to add more functionality to your existing solution.  Or, if you need a completely new interface for your software, our Filemaker Pro developer (s) will come up with the most fresh and innovative ideas for your business and will apply them to your application.

  We can set you up 100% remotely. Our FileMaker consultants will help you remotely via Remote Control programs to get the fastest and most convenient support to you and your business.

Below are a list of the most highlighted Filemaker solutions capabilities:

  • Local or Shared (Internally or on the cloud) solutions.
  • Supports multi users.
  • Import/Export From/to Excel.
  • Store photos, PDFs, Files, etc.
  • Capture signatures, barcodes, etc.
  • Data exchange with other database types such as SQL, Oracle, Web based databases, etc.
  • Individual applications for iPhone, iPod and iPads with direct or offline access to the main database with sync capability when network is available using Filemaker Go.
  • Location and time tracking of the workers in the field.



Available deployment methods:

Cloud base: Your data will be stored on cloud storage and will be accessible from anywhere around the world using the Internet.

Local Deployment: Your database will be stored in-house at your office with the ability of being shared locally over the internal network.

Hybrid deployment: Your database will be stored in-house at your office with the ability of being shared globally on the Internet.


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