Our Services

Custom solutions built for you

Our up to date technology and knowledge combined with our FileMaker developing experience can help you to leverage your business and information management in the most profitable way. We will spend significant amount of time to understand your business workflow and offer you the best-fit solutions.

Optimize your existing applications

We can help you with maintaining and modifying your existing FileMaker solution whether you need a small fix or require us to add more functionality to your existing solution. If you need a completely new interface for your software, we will come up with the most fresh and innovative ideas for your business and will apply them to your application.

Support and training

Supporting our international and local clients is one of our business cores. Our consultants will be at your service either face-to-face or remotely using various remote control applications of your choice. On top of all our professional services, we provide free training courses for our clients’ employees to show them how cool and fun it is to work with FileMaker based on their level of engagement with the software.

Recent Works

Intelligence Avenue is a FileMaker consulting company based in Toronto that helps its clients with boosting up their business and shrinking their costs by offering professional solutions made for individual companies. Our software developers do their best to make the most sense out of your data to ease the managing of your company. Our focus is to keep you away from frustration of running the business in the old fashion method and give you the time to spend more time in expanding your business.

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